Tulips and Snow Geese

Photobucket I’ve taken pictures most of my life but, being a reluctant convert to most types of technology, only recently invested in a digital camera.

So far, I’ve only used the automatic settings. I’ve already managed to delete all of the pictures I thought were safe on the camera’s electronic chip and have even permanently lost some from both camera and computer. Some of those vanished pictures were supposed to go with the blog I hoped to post today.

Instead, I’ll show you what’s happening in the nearby Skagit farmlands right now. A late spring postponed the tulip blooms’ opening until last week. Don’t you agree they were worth waiting for?
red tulips

I’d been longing for the chance to use the camera for photos of the snow geese that spend winters here. The geese did stay later than they usually stay. But for most of April, either we had gray weather, the geese were too far out in the fields to get good pictures, or we couldn’t find a stopping place along our narrow, shoulderless roads.

Finally, the sun came out, giving us a perfect day to view the tulips.

On the way home, I thanked the Lord and then I told him, “If it’s not too much to ask, I would really love to see the snow geese one more time before they head out for Siberia.”

We came around a bend in the two-lane road to see the last flock of geese in that whole part of the Skagit Valley. And, right beside them we saw a place to pull off the road and stop. I grabbed the telephoto lens, opened the window, and began to shoot as the flock lifted en masse and circled over our heads.
Snow Geese in Flight
Wow! Sometimes, before we even call, He’s got the answer in place!

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