Rainbow People

Vicki, one of my rainbow people.

My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky–

…William Wordsworth

Driving down the freeway a few days ago, we saw something we’d never noticed before. We’d been caught in a downpour so heavy we couldn’t see the pavement for the water washing across it. Spray from their their wheels made it difficult to see the vehicles around us. Hank slowed, clutched the steering wheel and hung on for dear life.

As suddenly as the cloudburst began, it stopped. The sun broke through behind us. Each vehicle still churned up a traveling cloud of water droplets from the water on the roadway. And then–we could hardly believe what we saw– a rainbow caught in the spray followed each vehicle. Some rainbows arched properly. Some were little spots of color. Others spread out in pools of moving green, yellow, red. The drivers stared straight ahead, intent on getting where they were going. They didn’t realize they carried rainbows in their wakes.

We all know people like that. They are too busy going about the business of daily living, laughing, loving, encouraging, and helping others, to ever see the rainbows in their trail. Like the drivers on the freeway, they can’t see their rainbows from where they sit. But they brighten our lives.

Like Wordsworth, I love to see a rainbow in the sky. But it’s even more beautiful to see the aura of life-giving hope that surrounds persons who are living life the way God wants them to live it.

2 thoughts on “Rainbow People”

  1. What a lovely image, Joan. If Vickie is one of those people for you she must be pretty special. You've got me curious. Will we get to know Vicki better in a later blog?

    P.S. Did you know that you are a rainbow person for me?


  2. You, Joan, come from a family of rainbow people. In my experience, your mom and dad put many rainbows in my life as did all your siblings at one time or other. Many of your friends have reminded me of those lovely radiances also. God sends us to earth with a special mission only one person can fulfill. You and Hank are both doing the work God patterned you for, so happy days ahead in filling others lives and gifting them with rainbows. God's blessings!


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