Foggy Morning

One thing I like about winter in the Pacific Northwest is its unpredictability. It reminds me of life in general:
…we have dreary periods of rain
…sparkling sunshine
…windstorms that topple trees and send garbage cans rolling down the street
…days of mild gray overcast contrasting with days when clouds race overhead in changing skyscapes so lovely you forget to watch where you’re walking
… unexpected snowstorms that coat roads with fast-melting slickness or drop plump, long-lasting featherbeds of restfulness over grass that’s green all-year-round.
…Oh yes. Sometimes we have floods.

Once in a while we wake up to gorgeous combinations, like the recent December morning when frost whitened every blade of grass. Fog rose from bay and river and standing water toward a blue china sky. We grabbed the camera and set out for our favorite cafe in nearby Silvana. Have you ever noticed how small towns have distinct personalities, as individual as the people who live in them? Well, Silvana is one of those communities, and the fog that morning brought out a side of Silvana’s personality I want to share with you in these photos. I’ll add a few countryside photos as well.

P1030029.jpg Silvana street scene picture by Hjhusby
Silvana street scene

P1030031.jpg Silvana granary picture by Hjhusby
Silvana granary

P1030036.jpg old farm buildings in fog picture by Hjhusby
Dreaming of yesterday

P1030043.jpg old barn at Silvana picture by Hjhusby
Waiting for the sun

P1030038.jpg Silvana from Rrd crossing picture by Hjhusby
Silvana from the railroad crossing

P1030047.jpg Mt. Pilchuck from Silvana field picture by Hjhusby
Mt. Pilchuck from the west

P1030069.jpg Swan family near Silvana picture by Hjhusby
Swan family in a frosty field

P1030062.jpg Swans talking picture by Hjhusby
Talking it over

2 thoughts on “Foggy Morning”

  1. Hi, I'm Momma Mindy, I found your blog through the NCWA website – I'm also a member. The pics helped me to remember there's beauty in the gray, dark, damp winters of the PNW. My favorite is “dreaming of yesterday.” Blessings to you today!


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