How We Have Changed!

Some members of the Granite Falls High School class of 1954: l. to. r., Clyde (Squeak) Scofield, Darlene Jones Johnson, Harriet Olson Duncan, Mabel Murphy Bennett, Walt Burrus, Nancy ScherrerTellesbo, Morrie Running, Mickie Giroux Erickson, Greta Bryan Running, Joan Rawlins Husby, Leslie Scherrer, Dave Bogart (Photo by Mabel Bennett)

Here we are at age six, with our teacher Miss Anderson. When we graduated from Granite Falls High School in 1954, there were 24 of us, of whom 22 are still living. Twelve of us met at our last bi-monthly classmates’ luncheon. Match the photos to see what a difference fifty-six years makes!
Mabel Murphy, l.; Harriet Olsen, r.
Dave Bogart

Les Scherrer
Nancy Scherrer
Joan Rawlins, Greta Bryan
Mickie Giroux, Darlene Jones
Squeak Scofield
Morris Running

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