Sunrise, Sunset

I grew up in the beautiful Robe Valley in Washington’s Cascades, surrounded by tall trees. From our front yard, we looked through a screen of firs at the north face of Mt. Pilchuck. If we walked up the driveway toward the road, we could see Green Mountain behind us. Watching the sunrise meant seeing the sun’s rays strike long fingers through the forest to the east. And once in a while, a red-tinged sky above the western tree tops indicated sunset. Not until I grew up and left home did I realize what we missed in our lovely but closed-in valley.

This morning Hank and I drove out to Silvana for breakfast. I stopped to take pictures and realized the sun was coming up. I wonder how many days in the year the sun rises in just this way at this particular spot. By the way, this is Mt. Pilchuck from the west.

Have you ever seen a mountain give birth to the sun?

Where we live now, we watch the sunsets move north throughout the year as summer advances, then back toward the southwest as the north pole tilts away from the sun. These were taken from our front yard in late September, facing almost due west.

3 thoughts on “Sunrise, Sunset”

  1. These shots of sunrise and sunset are glorious! In the third shot of the sunrise when the picture is enlarged there appears a little house off in the distance huddled at the foot of the mountain and still tucked in gloom. I imagine the glory of that sky gradually lightening as the sun is born. One could write a poem about that one.

    But the mountain suddenly giving birth to the sun reminds me of the way I've always imagined Christ's return would first be heralded. With glorious light arising! Lovely….more than that….spectacular and breath-taking.


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