A Question for Readers about E-Books

I need help!

Like many writers of a certain generation, I find myself spending almost as much time trying to keep up with technology as I do writing. Recently I added a Kindle reader to my laptop so I could also download a couple of books I wanted to read. It’s fun, and the books I downloaded were free.

E-book technology is so popular, I’m told, that e-book sales may soon outpace paperback sales. For writers with out-of-print titles, it’s an attractive way to get one’s work out to readers again. It’s inexpensive for the readers and it’s profitable for the writers.

My two young adult mystery-adventure books, The Adventure Quest Series and The Megan Parnell Mysteries, were popular with kids, homeschooling parents, and Christian teachers. They are out of print, and I’m considering e-books as a way to get them back into circulation.

Here’s my question. Do young teens find e-books as cool as older readers do? Would you, as parents and homeschoolers, encourage your children to read Christian literature on Kindle or other electronic readers?

Let me know what you think, and I’ll keep you posted as to what happens.

2 thoughts on “A Question for Readers about E-Books”

  1. A recent study by the Book Industry Study Group showed that e-books accounted for 7% of all book purchases in the 4th quarter of 2010. Nice, but nowhere near paper sales. And don't forget, Kindle is tied to Amazon alone; you can't read any other type of e-book on a Kindle.
    We're in interesting times for publishing. Good luck with your books, and don't forget to support your local bookstores!


  2. i don't really care for the e-books. i like the feel the book in my hand! i have the adventure quest series on my bookshelf waiting for viktoria to be old enough to read it!


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