Signs of Spring

Rob befriending earthworms
Rain, rain, rain! But the sun is predicted to return by the first day of spring, (next week…yea!) and the signs are all around us. Cherries in bloom, the first daffodils, rhubarb’s crinkled leaves unfolding from pale green knobs. I’ve even seen a few lethargic flies that managed to survive the winter while tucked away in dark crevices.

Long ago, another wet winter was dragging to an end. Robbie had just turned three. He was bursting with energy and kept me busy thinking up ways to keep him busy. One day as we drove to town he seemed particularly squirmy. “Let’s watch for signs of spring,” I suggested.

He was still for a minute, peering out the window. Then, “I see one! I see one!” he shouted. I pulled up at an intersection and looked around, wondering what he’d seen. 

Of course. There it stood in all its glory…a bright red Stop sign!

2 thoughts on “Signs of Spring”

  1. I remember you saying, years ago, that you wrote down your kids' cute sayings and antics. What a great idea, and what a wonderful treasury to look back on now.


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