Real Help for the Homeless

Our friend Sheryl has a wonderful way of dealing with one of today’s pressing problems. When she passes someone on the street holding a “homeless” sign and hoping for a handout, she doesn’t look straight ahead, pretending she doesn’t see them. Instead, she acknowledges them with a smile and hands them a copy of the following poem. Usually it’s accompanied by a dollar coin, and perhaps a snack, like a granola bar.

 It’s impossible to help everyone who’s asking for money, but this is a way to give something to as many as possible. It takes only a minute. We all struggle with the question of who is truly deserving of help and who is just trying to con us. Sheryl’s solution gives hope to the needy and also to the con artists, who may not even realize how badly they need hope.

Here is the good news Sheryl shares:


      God, with You as my best friend, I have EVERYTHING I need.

      You show me beautiful green places to rest. You lead me along the shores of quiet waters.

      You let me catch my breath and feel whole again. You send me in the right direction, one that     pleases you.   

       Even when I’m dealing with all the garbage this world throws at me, I won’t break down, because You are walking right beside me. You are hugging me and showing me a better way.

      You shower me with good things, right in front of my enemies. You show everyone that I am special to You.

       Your goodness and never failing kindness chase after me every second. You tell me you love me just as I am! And so I love you back, and want you close beside me forever and ever.


God told us we would have hard times here on earth. After all, it’s a broken world. But someday when God feels it’s time, He’s going to set it right. Until then, He does promise to stay right beside us if that’s what we want. But He’s a gentleman; He only goes where He’s invited. Invite Him now to be part of your life.

Sheryl adds a handwritten note to the above: Find the closest Salvation Army. They are a great place that will help you.

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