Marching for Life, 2013

l. to r.: Robin Crager, Marv Greenland, Hank Husby, Bob Burkart, Sam Crager in the Capitol Bldg. Photos courtesy of Dick Morrell
Listening to a speaker on the Capitol steps and at the nearby Temple of Justice

Last Tuesday, January 22, was the 40th anniversary of the US Supreme Court’s devasting decision to make Roe vs. Wade the law of the land. Over the last four decades we have lost more than fifty million children, little ones who might have brought joy to childless families. We mourn the tragic waste of potential those lost children represent.

On Tuesday, along with an estimated 3,500 other people, Hank traveled to Olympia for the annual Washington State March for Life. Shortly before noon, the crowd gathered on the steps of the Capitol building. The participants’ purpose was to remind legislators that they are watching. Some legislators took part in order to let their constituents know what they are doing to reverse Roe vs. Wade. Hank was thrilled to discover that we do have a number of strong leaders in state government who are working hard to push back against the culture of death.

Our new state governor is not one of those leaders. According to recent newspaper articles, he supports the abortion mandate presented in Senate Bill 5009. This morally objectionable bill requires insurance companies and employers that provide maternity care to also pay for elective abortions. Representative Brad Klippert of Kennewick led the crowd in a call and response chant about fighting the bill and then led them in singing, “God Bless America.”

The crowd heard from other legislators as well. Senator Mike Paden of Spokane Valley called for support of House Bill 1259, which declares that life begins at conception.

Two new bills regarding parental notification before young girls undergo abortion are Senate Bill 5156 and House Bill 1257. Senator Pam Roach of Auburn said that not giving parents and guardians time to talk to their girls and prepare for their post-abortion care is inconsistent with other laws that forbid giving even an aspirin for headache in school or that forbid those under age 16 to get a tattoo, even with parents’ permission.

After the crowd heard from legislators and the March for Life board, they dispersed to visit with their representatives, senators, and the governor and let them know where they stand on the issues. Hank and his group met with Representative Norma Smith of Clinton. Ms. Smith thanked the group for what they are doing. She said, “Your efforts will have an effect because legislators do pay attention to what their constituents say.” She also asked them to pray for the continued progress of the Right to Life movement.

The Washington State March for Life commented, “Women and children deserve better than abortion. We all do.” Taking part in a March for Life is one way to work for something better.

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