Powerful Photos

Image of baby reaching: Need a hand?
As we drove home from Camano Island this afternoon, we found the intersection of Marine Drive and Highway 520 lined with people of various ages, each holding a poster. Some said simply, “Jesus Heals and Forgives.” One said, “Abortion Stops a Beating Heart.” The one that held my attention showed a little child reaching for its mother’s hand. The caption read, “Take my hand, not my life.” My eyes flooded with tears. That one photo said everything to me that can be said about abortion.

Something very similar happened yesterday. We’d reserved the beautiful fall day for a picnic at Verlot, but arrived in Granite Falls just as the annual Railroad Days Parade was making its way through town. Trying to find our way around the blocked-off route, we found ourselves facing the oncoming parade. One single parking spot waited just ahead. So we grabbed it and walked a half block to a perfect, unobstructed viewing spot, where we watched participants turn a corner and march on to the disbanding area.

Just as we got to the corner, a large group of adults and children arrived, preceded by a sign saying they were from Monte Cristo Elementary, a school nationally recognized for their efforts to honor military veterans. The marchers carried oversized portraits of Washington military people who have given their lives in service to their country. Again, tears threatened to overflow. Real people. Real lives, cut short so that we could enjoy these beautiful fall days with the freedom to stand for what we believe.

Lord, thank you for people. Each one is precious to you. Thank you for photos. And thank you for speaking to my heart through the faces I see in photos.

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