Guess Who I Am? (

  “What did Mrs. Reimer teach you in Sunday School today?” I asked my two-year-old.

    Lenora’s blue eyes sparkled as she placed her dolly on a chair, folded her hands together under her chin, and sang the first song I’d ever heard her sing by herself:

    “Jesus is our Shepherd.
    Guess who I am?
    Such a lovely secret…I’m his little lamb.”

    Even though the last lines came out, “Such a wuvwy secwet, I’m his witto wamb,” I knew, and she knew, the meaning of what she sang.

    Lenora is all grown up now, as are the many other children who went through Adeline Reimer’s toddler Sunday School class. Mrs. Reimer was a tender shepherdess to those wee ones of the church, loved by their parents as well for her understanding and wise counsel.

     Jesus is our Shepherd. But he gives each of us others to shepherd in turn. We might shepherd our own little lambs as parents or grandparents, or we might be teacher-shepherds. A few people become shepherd-leaders in the church, and we love and respect them for the task they undertake. Whether our flock be large or very small, we have a Good Shepherd whose example of love and kindness and care we must follow.

   We never grow too old to be his “little lambs.”

One thought on “GUESS WHO I AM?”

  1. Mrs. Reimer was a treasure. My fondest memories of her are Sunday dinners' around the dining table. We shared the 'Mennonite' heritage and along with that the tradional recipes and food. My girls were in the S.S.classes with Lenora. I have sweet memories of heras well. Sharon Andres


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