How to Save $ on Souvenirs

Part of cousin Vicki’s sand collection
If you travel, you probably like to bring home souvenirs to refresh the memory of your experiences. 
I think of the time some people came to visit us when we lived in Alaska. We eagerly showed them as many places of interest as we could, pointing out some of the genuine made-in-Alaska artifacts we thought they might like to take home with them. But the woman wasn’t interested. She had her heart set on a beautiful, expensive, ruby glass bowl that she could have found in any fancy hotel’s gift shop and that’s what she bought. Her passion happened to be glassware.
My own souvenirs are usually free for the taking: interesting rocks, shells, seedpods or cones, anything that reflects my passion for nature.
My Canadian cousin, Vicki, likes God’s creations too. But whereas I eventually discover my souvenirs forgotten in a jacket pocket, Vicki displays hers in unique and beautiful ways.

She collects sand from the places she visits. She pours each kind into its own glass container, with a small label inside reminding her where she found it. On top of the sand she places shells, pebbles, or other natural items from the same area. Each kind of sand reminds her of one of the beauty spots to which they’ve traveled, as well as the enjoyment of the search.The containers can be any shape or size, as long as they’re clear glass to show off the color and texture of the contents. And each must have a lid.

Vicki even brought back sand from Norfolk Island, settled in 1856 by descendants of Bounty Mutineers.

Vicki at Lac la Biche, Alberta, searching for the best sand.
I brought home a handful of tiny pebbles to remind me of this just-hatched Lac la Biche sandpiper hiding in his rocky nest.

One thought on “How to Save $ on Souvenirs”

  1. What a great idea! Most souvenirs that I prefer are glass and hard to transport. It is a better idea to get something easy to transport and show it off in something glass.


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