Dangerous Beauty. . .If You’re a Bee

Last summer I noticed a snapdragon blossom drooping under the weight of a bee that did not seem at all busy. When I lifted the flower for a closer look, here’s what I saw. The bee had run afoul of this dainty huntress, and she’d never again bumble her way into a nectar-filled bloom.

Some people call these pretty spiders Flower spiders because they often wait inside a blossom for an unsuspecting victim to come their way. Their color varies according to where they hunt…some are yellow or greenish. More often though they are called Crab spiders because they move sideways, like crabs, and they also use their larger, spiny front legs to grasp and hold their prey.

These slow-moving spiders do not spin webs, but rather wait in ambush for their prey to land in front of them. You may find them sitting like a tiny crab, front legs spread, waiting to grasp some unwary insect and inject their paralyzing venom. No need to be afraid though. Their bite is not harmful to humans.

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