Joan Rawlins Husby writes fiction and nonfiction set in the Pacific Northwest. She grew up in the north Cascade Mountains in Washington State, not far from the site of Monte Cristo, the mining town in her book, Heart’s Gold. Joan (pronounced JoAnn) and her first husband, Bob Biggar, raised their two children in interior Alaska.  Bob passed away after their return to Washington.

Two grandchildren came to fill her life with joy. As a teacher, she had long wanted to write books for young people. She had just finished her eighth adventure book for middle grade students when an old friend, a widower, discovered the books. He read them and told his daughter, “I’m going to marry that lady.” In the year 2000, he did.

When Joan married Hank Husby, she gained five more adult children, plus his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She and Hank love their Warm Beach, Washington, community. They enjoy travel, exploring, gardening, and reading aloud to each other.

Joan wrote articles and poetry for many years and contributed to a number  of short story collections. Besides the Adventure Quest Series and The Megan Parnell Mysteries for young people, she’s written a collection of lively essays called A Logger’s Daughter: Growing Up in Washington’s Woods. She also authored Living Gold: The Story of Dave and Vera Penz at Kako, Alaska.  The Penzes developed Kako Retreat Center for native Alaskans at the site of an early day gold mine.

Most recently, she is republishing some of her juvenile novels. Treasure at Morning Gulch and Shipwreck on the Lights are available on Amazon, along with her other books.

Read stories about Kako and other adventures in the Northwest in Joan’s blog posts on the home page. You can read more about her books on the RainSong Press Books page.

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