Earthworm with a Problem

Here in the usually mild Pacific Northwest, we’ve had a hard winter. But in
spite of
deep-freeze cold, snow, even flooding, the first bulbs poked green
noses out of the the soggy earth in early
February. We can’t wait to get out
in our gardens.

I’m reminded of a spring when troubles had my thoughts in a tangle. As
I dug a new flower bed, I shook loose dirt from chunks of sod. Out tumbled
larvae, beetles, and earthworms. I only half-noticed them. Suddenly a
pinkish ball rolled into my hand.

A lumpy marble? No. It was an earthworm…with a problem. He was tied up
like a knot in a shoelace. His body contracted, then bulged, as he tried
unsuccessfully to crawl out of his predicament.

Gently I probed with a couple of Q-tips, loosening the knot until I saw
how he had first coiled into a double loop, then woven his head through
both loops. When he tried to crawl away, he’d tightened the loops.

With the Q-tips, I freed both ends. For a moment the little fellow lay
curled in two loop-the-loops. Slowly as an arthritic old man he straightened.
Then, never knowing who or what had untangled him, he tunneled back into
the dirt.

I unkinked my own back with a new outlook on my problems. And sure
enough, some months later, God’s gentle hand had worked miracles in the
difficulties that were impossible for me to solve.